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Corporate Event IV Services

Boost morale and engagement at your next corporate event with rejuvenating and wellness enhancing IV Therapy. Corporate conferences and events are the best opportunities for employers to bring people together, unite company culture, align missions and values, and show employees how much they are appreciated. These types of events will often include unique or exciting offerings such as fine dining, cool venues, and/or fun destinations. Although all of these can often result in a good time, it’s not uncommon for employees to find themselves in the aftermath feeling fatigued, ill, and maybe even hungover. Offering on-site concierge IV Therapy at your next corporate event is a way to show your employees you care about their health and wellness just as much as you care about their fun. The immediate and uplifting effects of our IV Vitamin Therapies will bring people to life and enhance the whole atmosphere. There’s no better way to give your employees a great experience than to get them feeling great.

What Patients Have to Say

  • “Relaxing, punctual, and I felt amazing after my cocktail!” Thomas

Types of Events

Intravene regularly partners with corporations for events of all sizes and purposes. Based on experience, our services are especially useful and popular for:

  • Annual Conferences
  • President’s Club Trips
  • Corporate & Charity Golf Tournaments
  • Holiday Parties & Annual Parties
  • Company Retreats
  • Regional Summits
  • Multi-day Planning Sessions
  • Corporate Trainings

If your next event is not on this list, no need to worry! Our flexible business model enables us to accommodate the vast majority of scenarios. Helping people feel their best is our passion and we’d love to discuss your upcoming event with you. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and outline logisitics.   

Pricing and Structure: 

To accommodate our corporate partners, Intravene is proud to offer customizable pricing and service models according to your specific scenario or needs. We have discounts and incentive structures for events and group bookings of all kinds. Some of the benefits for booking event and group services can include but are not limited to: tiered discount structures based on group size(s), multi-day booking incentives, prepaid package discounts, customizable event IV menus, discounted day-of-service upgrades, flexible payment options, and more. To discuss your upcoming event and how we might be able accommodate you, please don’t hesitate to call us today. We are happy to answer your questions and provide any necessary information about our various service models. 

On-Site Service

Intravene is a fully mobile, concierge IV Therapy service. Our team of highly trained ICU nurses will provide you with superb quality, hospital-grade IV care at the location of your choice. Whether your group or event is at the office, a hotel, venue, golf course, or even someone’s home, our mobile team will arrive in a timely and professional manner and be prepared to provide you with the highest quality of service. 

Feeling Great Starts Today

Whether you're looking to renew, repair or maintain your health and wellness, our high-quality IV therapies can help. With most treatments only taking 30-45 minutes, you can start feeling your best fast. Getting started is easy!