• Mobile IV Therapy

    • What locations do you serve and what are your hours of operation?
      • Denver Metro and surrounding areas.

      • Dallas/Fort Worth

      • Miami.Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas

      • Tampa and surrounding areas

      • Jacksonville

      • Seattle

      • Tacoma

      *All based on nurse availability

      Our general hours are 8 AM -8 PM. We can pre-book after-hours treatments depending on availability.

    • Do you accept insurance?
      We do not accept insurance, however, we can often accept payment in the form of HSA and FSA. Intravene regularly accepts payment in the form of cash, check, debit, and credit.
    • MY HSA or FSA rejected my claim for my IV, what can you do?
      We can provide you with a receipt, but cannot provide a superbill that some insurances may require for IV therapy.
    • What IV package should I get?
      While we do have an extensive therapy treatment list, our critical care nurses are trained to take a detailed assessment. You and the nurse can choose the best treatment suited for you based on that assessment.
    • How long does home IV therapy take?
      For one IV therapy, not including NAD, it usually takes anywhere from 30-45 minutes.
    • Do you offer a banana bag and why are some treatments yellow?

      The b-complex is what makes the IV therapy treatment yellow.

      A banana bag is a general term used in hospitals for a saline bag that has different vitamins and ingredients. Each “banana bag” in terms of vitamins can be different.

    • How often should I get IV therapy?
      For a healthy person with no medical problems, we suggest every two weeks. This time frame for treatment would be medically appropriate. In some situations, there are reasons to get them more frequently. This can be discussed with your critical care nurse.
    • I’m a difficult stick, will you be able to get an IV on me?
      Have no fear! We only use critical care nurses, which means they are the very best in their field and at starting IVs.
    • What age do you need to be for IV therapy at home?
      In Colorado and Idaho, we can treat anyone over 100 pounds. In Texas, Florida, Washington, and Georgia, we can treat anyone 18 or older.
    • Are you mobile?
      Intravene is a fully mobile IV Therapy Service. We can come to any place you feel comfortable with us providing Mobile IV therapy.
    • Do you accept tips?
      Our hard-working critical care nurses do appreciate tips, and yes all nurses get 100% of their gratuity!
    • What type of patients do you see and for what reasons?
      We see all types of patients. Some of our patients are feeling ill due to a stomach bug, virus, hang over, or altitude sickness. Some of our patients want to boost their immune systems to stay well. We also have performance and longevity therapies for those that want to stay on top of their game.
    • Who should not get an IV?
      We do not provide Emergency services of any type. If you believe you are having a medical emergency, please contact 911.
    • Will you treat a hospice patient?
      We usually can, but this would be based on an assessment done by one of our critical care nurses and sometimes one of our medical providers.
    • Do you access ports?
      We do not access ports at this time.
    • Why is IV therapy different from drinking a sports drink or water?
      IV vitamin therapy is a much more efficient way of hydrating and replenishing lost nutrients compared to drinking a sports drink. IV hydration therapy bypasses the gastrointestinal tract allowing you to absorb more of the vitamins and fluid. Sometimes your liver and kidneys can siphon out some of the precious minerals and vitamins you need, due to your body not being able to absorb them naturally. With an IV, your body can absorb all it needs much quicker, making you feel better that much faster!
    • What is a Myers Cocktail?
      The original Myers cocktail is a treatment by Dr. John Myers over 50 years ago. These days every company has its own version and many are not the same. In fact, most are not the same as the original therapy. Our Myers is built out to be the safest and best therapy for those wanting to feel good with a boost to their system. Try our Myers 2.0.
    • Why do you only use critical care nurses?
      We only want the best for our patients, so we hand-pick and hire the best. Critical Care nurses are apprised of ICU and Emergency room nurses. These are among the highest-trained nurses with the best critical thinking skills. They have a greater understanding of physiology and pathophysiology so they can assist you when you need it most.