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Vitamin IV Therapy in Atlanta, GA

Strengthen Your Immune System

How did we become Atlanta’s preferred mobile IV therapy providers? We put care and attention into everything we do, customizing our IV treatments to every patient’s specific symptoms. We also only employ the most experienced local critical care and emergency room nurses in the industry! We support Atlanta nurses and the nurse that’ll help you lives and works in the area. You can rest assured you have a highly trained professional throughout your entire treatment. Also, these nurses have administered thousands of IVs and know how to make it as painless as possible!

Intravene consults with our patients and listens to their symptoms. Our nurses can add and remove vitamins based on your ailments and we have a physician on staff to review all of our IVs prior to treatment. If you have specific needs, we can accommodate them!

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  • “Relaxing, punctual, and I felt amazing after my cocktail!” Thomas

Discover 6 Fantastic Benefits of Vitamin IV Therapy

Our immune boosting IV treatment includes a blend of vitamins and antioxidants that will naturally boost your immune system and give it the fuel it needs to fight off illness. 

  • Immune Support: When you feel the tingle of a sore throat or the run in your nose we prepare for the worst. Infuse yourself with immune boosting vitamins and minerals that are clinically proven to support your immune system from the comfort of your own home!
  • Anti-Inflammatory: B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and Glutathione are some of the vitamins and minerals within our Immune Boosting IV Treatment. They infuse your body with energy and have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Illness Recovery: Intravene’s Immune Boost IV treatment provides your body with the vitamins, hydration, and antioxidants you need to fight off that pesky cold.
  • Infection Protection: Stress, nutrition, and environment can cause your immune system to become compromised. Our Boost IV will provide all of the vitamins and minerals your immune system needs to fight off infection.
  • COVID Support: The majority of our patients who have been exposed to COVID or tested positive for the virus will support their bodies by purchasing our Immune Boosting IV Treatment.
  • Increased Energy: When you’re feeling sick your body requires more energy to fight off the infection. To help with this our Boost IVs are packed with B12 so your illness won’t slow you down.

What's In Ultimate Immune Boost?

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Whether you're looking to renew, repair or maintain your health and wellness, our high-quality IV therapies can help. With most treatments only taking 30-45 minutes, you can start feeling your best fast. Getting started is easy!