Orlando's Premium Mobile IV Therapy Service

Better Health & More Energy with Our Concierge IV Infusion Treatments

Intravene is proud to be Orlando’s preferred choice for mobile IV therapy. We aim to be at your door within an hour of confirming your appointment with the safe and high-quality IV infusion blend to address your unique symptoms. 

We only use highly skilled critical care and emergency room nurses, who have extensive experience administering IVs and are able to add/remove vitamins based on your goals, for a truly customized experience. Our premium IV infusions go far beyond hydration. Whether you are looking to boost athletic performance, recover after a long night, or support mental clarity, our team wants our community to be firing on all cylinders.

Our IV therapy options can assist with:

  • Increasing energy and performance
  • Boosting hydration
  • Recovering from a hangover
  • Supporting your immune system
  • Recovering from food poisoning or other GI distress
  • Increasing overall relaxation to aid in more quality sleep
  • Supporting metabolism
  • Reducing symptoms of altitude sickness
  • Boosting memory, focus, and mental clarity

Discreet & Convenient IV Therapy in Orlando

At Intravene, we know that when you aren’t feeling your best, seeking out care can feel overwhelming. Luckily, our team makes it easier than ever to receive the care you deserve—arriving at your door with all the equipment needed to administer your IV infusion as discreetly, comfortably, and effectively as possible. In fact, it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Schedule an appointment and select your treatment. 
  2. Our medical staff will give you a call to discuss your symptoms and confirm your IV therapy choice or help you select your custom blend.
  3. Sit back and relax! Our nurses arrive at your door at your scheduled time to administer your IV in comfort and privacy.

We exclusively hire critical care and emergency room nurses who have performed thousands of IVs and use prenatal needles, which are the thinnest needles possible, to ensure minimal discomfort. Typically, the IV infusion process lasts between 30 – 50 minutes depending on your blend, with certain treatments like NAD+ taking up to two hours.

We support Orlando nurses and are proud to offer supplemental and full-time income to nurses who have given their community everything they have. Rest easy knowing that a good portion of your payment is going directly to the nurse who helped you.

  • Highly Trained Critical Care Nurses

  • Premium Therapies that Help Our Patients Feel Better Fast

  • Convenient Treatments in the Comfort of Your Home or Office

Our Patient Reviews

  • picture of man
    “Relaxing, punctual, and I felt amazing after my cocktail!” Thomas
  • picture of woman
    “Easy and convenient!” Kim
  • picture of woman
    “Made me feel comfortable!” Violet
  • picture of man
    “Life savers!” Tooney
  • picture of woman
    “They nursed me back to health!” Brittany
  • picture of man
    “Kind and compassionate!” Josh
Feeling Great Starts Today

Whether you're looking to renew, repair or maintain your health and wellness, our high-quality IV therapies can help. With most treatments only taking 30-45 minutes, you can start feeling your best fast. Getting started is easy!

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