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How did Intravene become St. Petersburg’s preferred mobile IV bar? We can tailor your IV bags based on your symptoms! Whether you’re recovering from a long night out, fighting off a cold, or looking for an extra boost to meet your daily goals, we’re here for you.

Intravene consults with our patients and listens to their symptoms. Our nurses have the ability to add and remove vitamins based on you. If you have specific needs, we can accommodate them! Are you curious about how you can gain the benefits of our specialty St. Petersburg IV therapy treatments? See which one might best fit your needs below!

Vitamin IV Therapy

We recommend this therapy for reducing inflammation and lactic acid, as well as boosting overall performance throughout the day. 

This therapy is also great for replenishing electrolytes and providing nourishing antioxidants, as well as preventing dehydration, so you can stay on your game throughout the day. 

NAD IV Therapy

We recommend this therapy for boosting cognitive function for the day ahead. If you’re looking for a little pick-me-up, this may be a perfect option for you. Additionally, NAD IV Therapy is also great for maintaining and improving muscle health, as well as supporting healthy skin. By promoting repair at a cellular level, these therapies also aid in pain relief. 

Hangover IV

Long night out at the bars? We get it – it happens. We recommend the Hangover IV add-on for a speedy recovery after a night of drinking. This therapy is great for replenishing nutrients and electrolytes, as well as re-hydrating the body after the natural dehydration that comes with drinking. This add-on is customizable to your specific symptoms, so IV bags can be altered based on your needs. 

With the Hangover IV, you can combat the “lost day” that comes with hangovers – and you can even prevent them by receiving an IV before going out! Have fun – we’ve got your back.

Immunity Boost IV 

Are you feeling sick and looking to get better fast? If so, we recommend the Immunity Boost IV.  This therapy is also great for illness prevention by giving the immune system an extra boost.

For inflammation reduction, increased energy, and immune system support, the Immunity Boost IV add-on may be the best option for you. Contact our specialists to learn more.

We Support St. Petersburg Nurses and the Community

Intravene only hires critical care and emergency room nurses. The nurses that come to your house live and work in the St. Petersburg area and have been on the front lines fighting hard for their communities. If you have been searching for a type of IV therapy in St. Petersburg, our mobile IV bar may be the answer you’ve been looking for. With our experienced and dedicated nurses, you’ll always know you’re in good hands. 


We are very proud to offer supplemental and full-time income to the nurses who have given their community everything they have. A lot of nurses are worn down and extremely tired. As a nurse-run company, we are extremely proud to provide these talented nurses a break or supplemental incomes, so they can continue to pursue their dream of helping others.


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With same-day appointments and a mobile IV bar that comes to you, Intravene brings convenience to health and wellness in St. Petersburg. We want you to feel your best, and we’re committed to helping you reach your health goals. 

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