Nurture for Her Menstrual Cycle Relief
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Nurture for Her IV

If you experience uncomfortable symptoms before and during your period, let our experienced nurses alleviate your symptoms with our specially formulated IV Therapy in the comfort of your own home. Our ingredients have been shown to reduce abdominal bloating, cramping, headaches, lower back pain, irritability and even acne breakouts. Take some time to pamper yourself. You deserve it. With the help of our experienced critical care nurses you could be feeling at your best in 30-45 minutes. Being a strong woman doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable! It's okay to take some YOU time during “your time of the month."


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What's in Nurture For Her? 

  • Toradol (Anti-inflammatory)
  • B-12
  • Mineral Blend: Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Selenium
  • Magnesium Chloride 
  • 1L of Normal Saline

*Additional medications and vitamins available by request.

What Patients Have to Say

  • “They nursed me back to health!” Brittany

Don't let PMS Cramp Your Style

What is in the Nurture IV therapy?

All of the ingredients are carefully selected for the Nurture for Her IV treatment to minimize any interruption in your life that your menstrual cycle may cause. Magnesium is an essential nutrient that plays a role in more than 300 processes that occur in our bodies. It is an excellent ally for many of the common symptoms of PMS. It relaxes smooth muscles, like the uterus. It also reduces anxiety and irritability and improves sleep quality.  Prone to hormonal headaches? Due to the role magnesium plays in muscle contraction and relaxation, it can effectively reduce or even prevent premenstrual migraines.

Are there any Medications in IV therapy?

Our Nurture for Her formula also contains Toradol. Toradol is a powerful anti-inflammatory pain medication. Its effect can be felt within minutes! It reduces prostaglandins which are the hormones that cause pain, fever and inflammation. It is a non-opioid pain reliever which is longer lasting than traditional over the counter pain medications in its same class. So, kick back and relax while we kick those cramps and low back pain to the curb.

Our mineral blend contains zinc, which in addition to boosting immune responses and aiding the body in removing toxins and fighting infection. Zinc can actually help regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle. It does this by helping to regulate androgens which is particularly helpful if you suffer from PCOS.

Another important nutrient included in our Nurture for Her IV is copper gluconate. If you have trouble with breakouts and changes in your skin during your menses, Copper gluconate is what you need! It can visibly improve your complexion by reducing pore size and drawing out excess oils from the skin. Copper gluconate also helps us stave off illness with its antioxidant and immune boosting properties. It may even increase red blood cell production by helping the body increase dietary iron absorption.

Many women struggle with increased fatigue during menses. We have included b-12 in our Nurture for Her IV in order to combat fatigue and give you that extra energy boost to keep you going  strong. B-12 also helps with red blood cell formation and can help prevent anemia. It also can improve depression and elevate your mood. There’s no reason not to feel your best all month long.

The hormones, estrogen and progesterone greatly affect the body's hydration levels. It can be difficult to maintain adequate hydration levels during your menses. Receiving fluids intravenously can put you ahead of the curve and keep you feeling much better than you may have felt with oral hydration alone.

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