Prevent Altitude Sickness

As a trained mountaineer who’s used to bringing clients and students up big mountains, I am mindful of the concerns and precautions around altitude sickness. There is no way to predict if you are susceptible and if you are traveling above 5,000 feet, you may experience some form of altitude sickness if you do not prepare properly. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent it. If you land in a city like Denver and are headed to the mountains it is a great idea to spend at least one night in Denver before heading up to the mountains.

  1. Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water
  2. Eat food and keep your nutrition levels up
  3. Do not drink alcohol… This is easier said than done… Especially after quarantine
  4. Get a decent night of sleep

Joe, the owner of Intravene In Home Therapies, asked me to write a little about altitude sickness and how I prevent it. As someone who believes in their service I was happy to help out.

Intravene’s Mobile IV Therapy For Altitude Sickness

IV Therapy, is a great way to accomplish steps 2-3 and if you partake in step 4… IV Therapy will help that too. I recommend Denver’s Intravene Wellness to my clients because they are mobile (they will literally show up to your door) and use only experienced Registered Nurses. Intravene also specializes in IV blends formulated to combat altitude sickness which is, well, convenient. If you have big plans in the mountains and you decide to stay in Denver overnight, give Intravene a call and cover all the steps.

Signs Of Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness typically starts with a headache that comes and goes until over time it stays. Similar a stray cat. Fatigue is a real thing and if you’ve made plans you will be too tired to carry them out. If you do not do anything about this everything will intensify until you need medical attention. The crazy thing about altitude sickness is there is no way to know whether you are susceptible unless you…well, experience elevation.

Why IV Hydration Is Key

Obvious signs of altitude include breathing harder and your heart beating faster. However, you may find yourself going pee more frequently. This is a great sign as your body is adapting to the reduced oxygen. I won’t get into the science behind hit but it is a good sign! However with increased urination comes the risk of dehydration. When people tell you to drink water at altitude this is a big reason why!

IV Hydration Therapy Altitude Sickness And YOU

We are taught in life to set ourselves up for success. If you’re coming to Denver and headed to the mountains make an appointment with the folks at Intravene. They are mobile, and will come directly to you. Why not make sure your body is ready to adjust to the lower oxygen of the Rockies! When people ask me the best way to prevent altitude sickness its hydration. You’re going to the mountains and you have a limited amount of time. Set yourself up for success and experience the convenient new trend of mobile IV Hydration Therapy.