8 IV Therapies to Feel Your Best During the Holidays

8 IV Therapies to Feel Your Best During the Holidays Photo

Maintaining your health and well-being is often more difficult with the craze of the holidays.

Whether you are looking to beat a hangover, boost your immune system, or recover from a bad piece of – well, something – IV therapies provide the fluids, electrolytes, medications, and vitamins needed to support your health, recovery, and wellness goals. Here are eight IV therapies curated for your holiday needs (more information, including ingredient lists, can be found using the links provided):

Reclaim Your Morning

1. Revive - Hangover IV

Beat your holiday hangover with the Revive - Hangover IV. The Revive - Hangover IV is formulated to quickly combat the effects of your hangover by delivering much-needed vitamins and minerals to your body.

Boost Your Immune System

2. NAD+ Therapy

NAD+ Therapy is one of the most popular therapies with a multitude of benefits and applications, including boosts to energy, immune support, metabolism, mood, and more.

3. Myers Cocktail 2.0

The Myers Cocktail 2.0 is your one-stop shop for feeling better faster. The Myers Cocktail 2.0 harnesses all the known benefits of the original Myers Cocktail but adds even more.

Myers Cocktail 2.0 is virtually limitless in application and can address anything from hangovers and illnesses to fatigue, performance levels, and even well-being.

4. Ultimate Immune Boost IV

The Ultimate Immune Boost IV is exactly what it sounds like – the ultimate IV therapy to boost your immune system during cold and flu season. Give your system an edge against nasty foreign invaders.

Solutions That Soothe

5. Migraine Relief IV

Somehow, migraines always have the worst timing and are especially prevalent during high-stress periods such as the holidays. Migraine Relief IV is designed for those suffering from debilitating migraine symptoms and contains the same medications you would receive in the emergency room to combat your worst symptoms.

6. GI Comfort IV

The GI Comfort IV is formulated to quickly alleviate stomach-related symptoms – from stomach bugs to gastrointestinal disorders – while replenishing the body with much-needed vitamins and fluids.

7. Nurture for Her IV

Do not let Mother Nature press pause on your holiday fun with debilitating or uncomfortable symptoms. The Nurture for Her IV is designed to provide menstrual cycle relief by reducing abdominal bloating, cramping, headaches, lower back pain, irritability, and even acne breakouts.

Conquer Altitude Sickness & Dehydration

8. Mile Hydrate - Altitude IV

Traveling this holiday season? With the Mile Hydrate - Altitude IV, getting acclimated to a different altitude can take hours instead of days.

Enhanced Wellness, Delivered to Your Doorstep

At Intravene Mobile IV Therapy we understand that your life should not have to be put on pause whenever you are not feeling well. We are committed to providing our patients with quick, convenient, high-quality care to get them back on track and feeling their best.

Every IV hydration treatment is administered by a professional Registered Critical Care Nurse (RN).

To learn more about our services or to book your appointment, call us at one of our convenient locations or fill out our secure online contact form.

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