New Self-Care for the New Year

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Intravenous (IV) therapies are becoming increasingly popular as a way for people to improve their overall health and wellness. IV therapy can be used to supplement an existing health regimen or form the basis of a new one. Regardless of your current health situation, there is likely an IV therapy that can benefit you. Read on for more information about why you should consider adding IV therapies to your self-care routine.

What Are IV Therapies?

IV therapy involves the administration of fluid and nutrients directly into the bloodstream through a vein, typically in the arm. This allows nutrients and vitamins to be absorbed faster and more efficiently than when taken orally. It also bypasses any potential digestive issues that could prevent the body from absorbing certain vitamins or minerals properly.

Benefits of IV Therapy

IV therapy has many potential benefits, depending on the treatment chosen. Some examples include improved immune system function, increased energy levels, improved sleep quality, better hydration, and enhanced athletic performance. Additionally, some IV treatments contain anti-aging properties that can help slow down signs of aging like wrinkles.

8 IV Therapies To Add To Your Self-Care


1. Revive - Hangover IV is formulated to quickly combat the effects of your hangover by delivering much-needed vitamins and minerals to your body.

2. Migraine Relief IV is formulated for those suffering from debilitating migraine symptoms and contains the same medications you would receive in the emergency room to combat your worst symptoms.

Feel Your Best

3. NAD+ Therapy is one of the most popular therapies with a multitude of benefits and applications, including boosts to energy, immune support, metabolism, mood, and more.

4. Nurture for Her IV is formulated to provide menstrual cycle relief by reducing abdominal bloating, cramping, headaches, lower back pain, irritability, and even acne breakouts.

5. Ultimate Immune Boost IV is exactly what it sounds like – the ultimate IV therapy to boost your immune system when you’re feeling under the weather.

6. GI Comfort IV is formulated to quickly alleviate stomach-related symptoms – from stomach bugs to gastrointestinal disorders – while replenishing the body with much-needed vitamins and fluids.

For That Extra Something

7. Biotin Beauty IV, also known as the Grow and Glow, is formulated to promote healthy and beautiful hair, skin, and nails.

8. Peak Perform IV is formulated to help you both reach and maintain maximum performance levels and recover faster.

Enhanced Wellness, Delivered to Your Doorstep

Adding IV therapies into your routine can have many positive benefits for both short-term and long-term health goals. At Intravene Mobile IV Therapy we are committed to providing our patients with quick, convenient, high-quality care to feel and look their best.

Every IV hydration treatment is administered by a professional Registered Critical Care Nurse (RN).

To learn more about our services or to book your appointment, call us at one of our convenient locations or fill out our secure online contact form.

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